A   B   O   U   T

Founded in 1983, we have engaged the process of continual change.
Why? Because today, the only constant is change.

Quantum thinking

Quantum thinking is one of the five forms of critical thinking. It gets its name from quantum physics and the study of sub-atomic particles.
As particles move around the nucleus they sometimes take unexpected quantum leaps in their rotational positions. When these spontaneous leaps occur, energy is released. These new rotations appear to continue indefinitely. The reason for the leaps is unexplained. It is as if the particle found more intrinsic value in rotating in this new manner.
Quantum thinking pushes us to explore other possibilites that we might otherwise dismiss.

At Quantum Think, we challenge long held assumptions and approach communications from multiple disciplines.

We want to know you, your company, your product, your industry, and your customers. Your mission becomes our mission. We study the complex interrelationships of your communications including brand management, logo and graphic design, internet presence, print and external presentations.

The result – a complete solution from a single source. Or, exactly the piece you need that fits the complete picture. Results from experience.

You can expect honesty, directness and integrity from us. Our team of writers, designers, illustrators, editors and programmers are assembled and ready to make your vision a reality by helping companies choose the right direction. Interactive media, internet, print. Each one powerful in its own right. But when combined effectively, they can provide a comprehensive communications environment that makes the most of your message, builds brand equity, and reaches your audience in exciting new ways.