Time Factor

Providing timely solutions . . .

The Time Component

How far is it from Chicago, Illinois, to Moscow, Russia? The answer to this depends upon how far you travel to get there. Most long trips are now by airplane. While you might have to vary your route, most air travel moves in straight lines. The Quantum Think approach is to shoot for the straight line rather than the “wander around until you get there” method. Experience allows us to determine the shortest distance between the beginning of your project and its successful conclusion. This straight line approach saves you money.

Creative Time vs Nada Time

Clock time has lulled us into a wrong-headed sense of expectations. ”How much do you charge per hour?” asked the gentleman who was inquiring about us coming up with some creative ideas. For creative thinking, a brilliant insight may pop up in a matter of seconds. A flash of brilliance before breakfast is worth a lot more than eight hours of nada, nada, nada. When it comes to creativity, it’s the idea that counts, not the number of hours it takes to get there. At Quantum Think we do more than sell hours. We provide a total job that gives you timeless creativity and a straight line economy that makes great work affordable. We produce results and do it right the first time, everytime. Work with the flash of brilliance team.

Seeing more than meets the eye

Most people assume that what you see is pretty much what your eye sees and reports to the brain. In fact, a lot of what you see is actually made up by the brain. The thick black line in the diagram shows where the optic nerve carries information to the rest of your brain. At this location there are no photo receptors, this is called your blind spot. Quantum Think is more than meets the eye. We always do more than expected.