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1. a quantity or amount

1. to have or formulate in the mind  2. to ponder, to
reason  3. to believe; suppose  4. to call to mind;
remember  5. to visualize; imagine  6. to devise or
invent; think up a plan  7. to consider


Quantum Think
is a team of creative and business professionals dedicated to critical thinking – critical solutions – and the ability to Think!

Quantum Think is a custom graphic design office located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our creative design solutions include projects from corporate communications, logos, websites, scientific posters, conference materials, packaging, collateral pieces, school viewbooks, advertising, presentations, interactive media, marketing support, invitations, clothing labels to product launches.

We help out clients to work within budgets to get the maximum for their dollars. Small and large projects get equal attention and excellent service at Quantum Think. We are able to deliver quick turnarounds because we operate three shifts.