Web Site Design

These days, practically everyone is judged by the quality of their web site.

Web Site Design

  • What is the current perception of your company?

  • What is your desired perception?

  • How are you differentiated from your competition?

  • What is the call to action for your visitors?

  • Can you be found? If you are not in the top 25 results – for all intents and purposes – you are not on the web.

  • Do you know what key words or phrases will get visitors to your site?

  • Is your site sticky enough to keep them there?

  • Do you provide a valuable experience that will convert visitors to customers?

As creative designers, we realize that a beautiful site will not get you visitors or placement in search results. Today, you need much more, and even worse news – getting noticed is a moving target. The search engine rules are changing with greater frequency.

So, we start with our design skills and creative talents to make our clients’ web sites visually stand out amid the clutter. Next, we employ SEO writers who will research your key words and blend them into the copy to maximize placement, and then we program the links to achieve higher organic placement. When you are ready to enter the key word auctions to achieve top 10 placement, we have solutions to get you there that will manage and not break your internet marketing budget.

Quantum Think knows that today’s web sites need to have beauty and brains.

Internet Solutions

  •  Long-term and short-term web solutions to solve specific needs

  •  Search engine optimization (SEO)

  •  Web site design

  •  Web site SEO writing

  •  PURLs – Personal URLs tied to direct mail campaigns

  •  e-Mail marketing

  •  Content management

  •  e-Commerce

  •  Hosting